Small Kitchens Breakfast Room Tables

Breakfast in the kitchen is comfortable and practical. In addition, doctors say it is the most important meal of the day and should never be deleted. If your excuse is that in your kitchen, there’s no room, discover the breakfast tables for small kitchens.

1. Swing Boards

The most practical and adaptable to all budgets and styles from the breakfast tables for small kitchens option. You can do it yourself or buy one of the models sold in any establishment in the industry. They come in all colors and materials ranging from a few centimeters to meters in both width and length. If you have an empty wall space in your kitchen, this is the place where you can hang your kitchen table folding.

2. Folding Tables

Probably the most classic kitchen tables, but their usefulness and service keeps them in the top ten of the kitchen cabinets. Require a minimum of space, it is difficult to find except model’s extent- smaller than one meter. Its great advantage is that they grow as needed, especially recommended therefore for families.

Small Kitchens Breakfast Room Tables
3. Bars

The most modern and youthful proposal is kitchen bars. They need space and also as a fixed element, you cannot reuse your space in any case. However, in addition to a breakfast table, you will achieve an area of extra work in your kitchen when you are preparing, for example, a more elaborate recipe.

4. Trays with Legs

The solution for tiny kitchens. On the market and can also be done as manual labor or DIY, a type of trays to which are added a scissor legs that make them tables. Its major drawback is that they offer great stability, but as the assembly is simple and stored almost anywhere, are the solution when there is no room in the kitchen for a table.

With this range of possibilities for breakfast tables for small kitchens, there are no excuses not care since morning with a good breakfast table, quiet and complete, as recommended by health experts. If you want to complete your healthy lifestyle, in addition to the table, you need to consult with one of the specialists in nutrition and dietetics you have at your disposal within the coverage Health Insurance MAPFRE. [Source:].