Sun Room Curtains

Our glass curtain system is completely sealed. Almost all systems on the market have two potential points of ingress of water and air. At the junctions of the crystals in the joints and aluminum profiles.

Sun Room CurtainsWe offer solutions to these two problems are:

Transparent plastic seals placed between glasses, uniting them and thus preventing the passage of both water and air.

Our system takes all the weight on the bottom rail and the joints between the aluminums are more robust and resistant to the passage of water and air.

We do not use plastic caps at the junctions of the aluminum panels, these tops always leave space between them and the time and that are deteriorating, allowing the passage of water and air in the long term. In addition to carrying all the weight at the bottom of the joints between the aluminums they are more robust and resistant to the passage of air and water.

Our glass curtains have no bearings, slide along the rails, thus avoiding wear of components and making maintenance of our system is minimal.

The doors also travel along with other glass curtains, and its position is irrelevant to system operation. They can be one or more doors.

Our glass curtain system is one of the most aesthetic, tobacco and insurance market.

The glass curtain system is made fully customized, so we can adapt to any type of terrace or porch, thus the glass curtains are one of the most versatile and adaptable products market

The glass curtain system has a standard seal, formed by a bottom bolt and a handle methacrylate on top. These closures only prevent the system glass curtains open accidentally, if you need more security in terms of closures, we have to provide the customer a variety of closures thus increasing the security of your system glass curtains

Whether giving it a greater value on security, energy efficiency or sound insulation, with the glass curtain system always has the correct. One solution of the main advantages is that glazed terrace is comfortable even during the cold this time of year is literally called “gain space”.

In our glass curtains, you can add various types of security lock.

Below we explain each type of closure we have. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Standard: composed of top closure with handle and bottom latch has ventilation position.

Side closure: this closure is designed for those who want more security and includes a key lock on the side where the door is located.

With handle and key lock: the door incorporates a stainless steel lock, you can choose with knob or handle.

Lock Oval: very aesthetic and unobtrusive lock.

Children Safety Lock: To lock with the key fully the system.

This closure is removable, when your children grow up, no longer you need to use and can remove without having to modify your system.