Unique Coffee Tables Decorated With Original

In the interior design, as in fashion, accessories become the key element in a unique and personal home. But of all the rooms, the lounge is definitely the busiest corner breathing, articulating as the nerve center of the house. So today we want to share a selection of unique coffee tables able to give that special and different touch.

Coffee tables occupy a privileged place, around which daily life between visits from friends, family, neighbors … is orchestrated and not forget those ratios relaxing on the couch we both enjoyed. A focal point capable of conditioning the rest of the decor of the room.

Looking for inspiration beyond the conventional, we find this wooden table that emulates a perfect half sphere. Solid, functional and easy to cut, it is ideal in this room vintage hippie aesthetic where the color lies with the textile accessories. A safe bet that we love.

Unique Coffee Tables Decorated With Original

For nature lovers, we bring a table of modern design that hides a small grove inside. A bit of Central Park miniature invokes disconnect between the pages of a good book. Its lower cavity becomes a makeshift space to organize magazines or hide anything.

Something more daring is the idea of integrating a plant on the table itself, which is to create a space to act as a planter. A curious detail with a truly beautiful finish. Just take a look at the lemon tree of this Scandinavian room to realize that originality is not incompatible with good taste.

Leaving behind natural reasons, the architectural design is a constant in the manufacture of tables. However, we had never been applied to a dollhouse. Thus, the living room becomes a space where children and adults meet and interact. A table blanket not just any house, but a Nordic home that might already be real for many.

The impossible shapes or creating custom figures are one of the alternatives with better result. Here, we can see a classic-style lounge with a cronstruída based strung pieces of wood table. A handmade furniture that requires a thorough job; as much as one in which “Shazam” reads and crown salon hipster style.

Artworks that can be milled wood, stone, granite or other material. Everything will depend on our home decor chosen for the occasion to keep the same aesthetic line.

This minimalist table melted the white is the perfect table for design studies or work areas. At ground level, its narrow crevice hiding books, magazines and other material we want to organize. Practical and functional, it serves more as a ledge as a coffee table.

Similarly, low-rise but with a more comfortable look, these circulars are the purest puff style tables. The first emulates the stones and the second matches any interior terrace or rustic look thanks to the use of wicker.

We do not forget all those whose house breathes edge on all four sides. In these cases, the formula for success translates into experimentation through the hodgepodge of materials and shapes. Imagination is the key ingredient, and but tell that to this glass table whose support is nothing but a structure composed of gold-plated balloons.

We ended up with DIY proposals, either through a table with pallets to add a few wheels or an Ikea Hack to transform a piece of the Swedish firm in custom furniture.

So much for the post on decorating with coffee tables. What do you think our proposals this month? See also Sojoob.com for more modern coffee table collections.